Requirements for entry to Bolivia of travelers from abroad, according to Supreme Decree No. 4481

ARTICLE 3.- (EPIDEMIOLOGICAL SURVEILLANCE MEASURES FOR THE ENTRY OF TRAVELERS FROM ABROAD). For travelers from abroad to the Plurinational State of Bolivia, the following measures are mandatory:

a) Certified negative RT-PCR test for people over five (5) year of age.

1. Up to seventy-two (72) hours before boarding in the country of origin, for nationals or foreigners coming from outside the country by airway;

2. Up to seventy-two (72) hours before entering the Plurinational State of Bolivia for nationals or foreigners, who enter the national territory by land, river or lacustrine.

b) Isolation for at least ten (10) days after entering the bolivian territory that will be controlled and monitored according to current regulations of the Ministry of Health and Sports;

c) Presentation of an affidavit of the place of stay in the territory Bolivian;

d) Take the sample for the RT-PCR test on the seventh day of insulation, the cost of which must be covered by the passenger; comply with the correspondent protocol in case the result is positive.

e) Before entering Bolivian territory, foreign passengers who don’t have permanent residence in Bolivia must have health insurance with coverage for COVID-19, that will cover the expenses for the treatment.


VI. People belonging to diplomatic missions, special missions, international organizations, specialists and technicians in different areas, are exempted from the application of subsection b) of Article 3 of this Supreme Decree, having to perform the RT-PCR test on the seventh day of their stay.

ARTICLE 5.- (ISOLATION AND CASE MANAGEMENT). The isolation established in subsection b) of Article 3 of this Supreme Decree shall be domiciliary; Except when a suspected case or probable case of COVID-19 is identified at the point of entry, which will be subject to the provisions of the Ministry of Health and Sports.

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