Death Registration

Family members of Bolivians who have died in the Netherlands must register the death of the deceased in the Consular Section of the Embassy. Upon registration, the corresponding Consular Death Certificate is issued.


  1. Letter addressed to the Consular Section requesting the registration and death certificate.
  2. Medical report legalized by a local court and translated into Spanish by sworn translator.
  3. Name, surname and number of the identity card of the doctor who has confirmed the cause of death.
  4. Declaration signed by two witnesses with a copy of their corresponding passports or identity cards.
  5. Death certificate apostilled and translated into Spanish by a sworn translator if it is in a foreign language
  6. Birth Certificate of the deceased.
  7. Marriage Certificate of the deceased.
  8. Family book.
  9. Passport of the deceased.
  10. Two witnesses with original and a copy of their passports or identity cards (witnesses may be Bolivians or foreigners but may not be relatives).

Important: It is possible to present an international death certificate issued by the Dutch authorities and request only the legalization.

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