To introduce household items to Bolivia, the following information must be taken into account:

  1. The introduction of household goods by a family unit must be registered with the name of its owner.
  2. The owner of the household items must fill out his affidavit by the system of the National Customs.
  3. Once printed and signed, this affidavit must be presented to the General Consulate,Consulate or Consular Section of Bolivia for the validation in the system of the National Customs.
  4. The owner of the household must obtain a validation document of the information provided by the applicant in the sworn declaration issued by the Consular representation of Bolivia.
    For household goods including machines, equipment and tools used in your work activity, the limit is 50,000 USD.
    For household goods that include only furniture appliances and accessories of normal use in a house, the limit is 35,000 USD.
  5. The owner of the household must present the passport and official documentation in original or legalized copies that guarantees the staying abroad.

The nationalization of this merchandise must be done with the declaration of goods importation, with the intervention of a Customs Broker, applying the exemption of household goods.

Goods that do not comply with the requirements and conditions established may be imported following their own tariff classification regime and after completion of customs formalities.

For more information about this process you can write an email or contact the Consular Section.

Cost: Free of Charge