Empresa Boliviana de Alimentos y Derivados – EBA, founded in 2009, is a Public Company of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, with headquarters in Bolivia. EBA is one of the largest export companies in Bolivia, exporting to markets in Europe, North America, Oceania, Asia, and East Asia.

EBA has products from different regions of Bolivia, working directly with communities, farmers, and families in the Bolivian Amazon region.

EBA has created a strong link between producers and buyers on a basis of trust, the company provides constant feedback to producers.

The company offers all its customers high-quality raw material that is in accordance with export requirements for Amazonian nuts (Brazil nuts), fruits and vegetables, (Brazil nuts), freeze-dried fruits, stevia, biscuits (with quinoa and Amazon nuts), the production is made under international standards of food safety. Also, we carry out our quality control under batch sampling, control limits, maintain a review of facilities, and have continuous control of our suppliers.

In this opportunity, we offer to the Dutch market Brazilian nut, Quinoa, Freeze-dried Banana Powder, Freeze-dried Banana Chunks – Powder, Quinoa biscuits with almonds and chocolate chips, fluid milk, and Stevia. For data sheets, please check Documents of interest or send an email to embolned@gmail.com.

For more information contact: export@eba.com.bo