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The Embassy of Bolivia in the Netherlands makes available the first season of the 3D animated series called Transcender – “The Three Ancestral Laws”, based on our principles “AMA SUWA, AMA LLULLA, AMA QHILLA”, seeks to strengthen the values ​​of Integrity , honesty and transparency.

As well as, the second season: Transcender – “The Second Earth”, based on Guarani and lowland mythology.

“The Second Earth”

(La Paz, January 22, Vice Ministry of Communication).- President Luis Arce Catacora affirmed this Monday, which commemorates the Day of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, that the country is already traveling along the path of industrialization of renewable resources and non-renewable to replace imports, so the time for the harvest arrives, which will be abundant and diverse as a result of the million-dollar investments being made in the country.


The President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Luis Alberto Arce Catacora, participated in the United Nations Assembly, held from 19 to 26 September, in which he stressed the need for a new world order, in which he shared seven ideas and approaches that are reflected in the speech. Download the full speech in the link. DOWNLOAD