The Bolivian Embassy opens its doors for the Festival of Embassies

This Friday, September 2, you can visit the Bolivian embassy and learn a little of their culture with the ritual offering to the Pachamama and visit some of Bolivia’s tourist sites such as the Uyuni salt flat, the waters of the Silala, the Chiquitanía or the Madidi Park.
The Bolivian ambassador, Roberto Calzadilla, will show a special ritual, a ceremony to Pachamama or Mother Earth. In addition to explaining the cultural importance of the coca leaf which is considered a sacred plant by many Bolivians and is called “cultural heritage” in the Bolivian constitution of 2009.
This festival started in 2012 as a small festival with seven participating countries, now it has become a two-day festival with several embassies holding open days on Fridays, and on Saturday at the Lange Voorhout in The Hague with stages and more than half a hundred participating embassies.


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