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Vice President Jilata David Choquehuanca held successful meetings in the Netherlands

The Vice President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, on his tour of Europe, visited the Netherlands to attend an agenda of bilateral political and academic dialogue to socialize the rights of nature from the philosophy of Living Well in harmony with Mother Earth. He held meetings at Nyenrode Business Universiteit in Amsterdam with experts on the rights of nature, and at HET NIEUWE INSTITUUT ZOÖP in Rotterdam with a lecture open to the public.

During the morning of September 20, he held a dialogue with parliamentarians and representatives of the International Policy Commission and later attended a working lunch to discuss cooperation in the area of the Climate Crisis and energy issues and the importance of Lithium with Prince Jaime Parma de Borbon of the Netherlands Climate Envoy of the Netherlands and Amb. Yvette van Eechoud of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

The Jilata David Choquehuanca raised at the University in Amsterdam to the experts on the rights of nature to work on building a global movement to defend Mother Earth, work integration and live in brotherhood with Mother Earth, stating:

“It is time to build alliances and intelligent solutions, … the ajayu, freedom, keeps its seed that belongs to all, the seed that survives is the one that adapts more to change. Division is the origin of racism. Life operates from the complementarity of opposites. To live well is to transcend the opposites without destroying them, to sustain the opposites in a state of complementarity.”

The Vice President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, David Choquehuanca Céspedes, also participated on Tuesday in the conference: “Living Well in harmony with life” in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Also, where he expressed the right of Mother Earth as a firstborn right prior to human rights and explained the need to wake up to return to the times of balance and work for our children. He stressed the need to work on integration and live in brotherhood with Mother Earth, as did the ancient cultures of Abya Yala.

Choquehuanca expressed that we have to build integration, decolonize ourselves, decolonize thinking and banish legal, physical and mental walls. When we raise the Wiphala we are saying we want integration and brotherhood, to return to the path of balance and we must seek harmony with nature. During the event, he recalled that human beings, plants and animals are children of Mother Earth, since they all feed on her milk, which is water.

The Vice President explained that the world is in the process of transition from the Geopolitics of Domination to the Geopolitics for Living Well. “The three stages of the transition are taking shape. First, the liberation of the truth; second, the trial of responsibilities to the ecocide and predators of Mother Earth, of life; third, the positioning of the Geapolitics for Living Well”.

Similarly, the authority explained that the process of transformation that communication is undergoing in the world, “telecracy, infocracy, mediocracy, are trying to destroy the social communication processes in force in democratic systems, giving rise to the era of media totalitarianism of data… Everything indicates that the operators of the old geopolitics of domination with new modalities are advancing with the recolonization of humanity and the planet”.

“According to our cosmovision, which sustains our political horizon, rights do not come from the adjudication of doctrines and laws produced by the States in the modern world, but are founded on the natural laws of life itself. We are not the owners of Mother Earth, because we belong to her, we owe her,” remarked the Vice President.

The events were attended by the Ambassadors of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Nicaragua and Costa Rica and other representatives, as well as brothers and sisters from the Netherlands and the Bolivian community and the world.

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