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Under national provisions in force since 2009, donations must go addressed to state institutions. Therefore, any donation must be previously coordinated with the Ministries of the area to which the donations correspond (education or health) and the mayors of the place where the donation will be sent.

  1. Letter of application addressed to the Consular Section of the Embassy or Honorary Consulate of Bolivia. Address and phone number must be included.
  2. Certificate of Donation in Spanish. The donation certificate must be presented on the official paper of the donor institution and contain the following information:
  • Name of the institution or state agency that will receive the donation in Bolivia.
  • A detailed description of the object of the donation.
  • The FOB or CIF value in US dollars or the real cost of the good. In case of not having a specific value, it must carry a nominal value, for processing purposes in the National Customs of Bolivia.
  • Signature, name and position of the donor.


  1. The goods to be donated must be useful and should not be obsolete, damaged or in disuse.
  2. The documentation submitted to the Consular Section must be sent to the office of privileges and immunities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bolivia, in order to obtain the respective authorization