Assignation of identity card number for minors

Children under 18, born abroad and registered in the Consular Section, have the right to

request the assignment of identity card number. With this number is possible to apply for the Bolivian passport for the first time in the Consular Section of the Embassy.

Before being able to proceed with the assignment of an identity card number, you must first comply with the Consular Birth Registration requirements. Both procedures can be carried out in the same appointment.


  1. Bolivian Birth Certificate (Original)
  2. Photocopies of parents; documents (C.I. and / or passport)
  3. 4 pictures of the minor 3×3 cm (white background)

Cost: Free

* Although the cost of obtaining the identification number is free a Duplicate Birth certificate must be issued, which has a cost of 5 euros.

The presence of the minor is essential to take fingerprints.